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There is also a downloadable leaflet about the Slopes below, plus a downloadable Nature Diary and Walk leaflets on the relevant pages.

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NSI leaflet (1777k)
CopyrightWhere are the Slopes and why are they important
CopyrightThe Slopes are four areas of green open space situated 3 kilometres to the south of the centre of Bristol in England, United Kingdom.

Increasingly areas like the Slopes are getting difficult to find as the pressure for more housing increases.

Our Slopes are great for:
- Exercise - including dog walking
- Exploring, playing or just relaxing
- Picnics
- Admiring stunning views over Bristol
- Conservation activities to help manage the site for people and wildlife
- Cycling - via Filwood Greenway
- Foraging for blackberries
- Discovering wildlife
- Spotting hot air balloons - especially at Balloon Fiesta time in August
- Seeing Firework Displays when held in Central Bristol
- Seeing allotments and small holdings
- Sledging in snowy winters

In addition to the human users - there are a wide range of habitats and species on the sites as the sites link together to form a route to and from other parts of South and Central Bristol .......and beyond.

The views from Slopes are stunning - and they change on different parts of the Slopes.

So at the top of the Bommie (eastern end) - its central Bristol and west to Long Ashton and Dundry Hill; on Glyn Vale and Kingswear its central bristol and east to Purdown; and finally on Novers (western end) views to central Bristol, Ashton Court, Long Ashton and around Dundry Hill. And of course the Slopes can be seen from those locations as well.

All the above - the wildness and "rural" nature of the areas which are very different from the traditional formal park - and their location in this part of South Bristol make the Slopes in our view unique.

However, there are problems with keeping paths open, litter, fly tipping, fires, vandalism, general neglect and the threat of the Slopes being developed and the green spaces lost.

The Slopes are shown on the map below. From left to right (West to East) the areas are known as Novers Common, Kingswear, Glyn Vale and Wedmore Vale (The Bommie), although local people may use the other names included in the map below.

If you want to see the area on Google Maps - go to
Copyright A map of the area

To find out the different names used by local people - click on the names of the sites.
NSI Wedmore Vale/Stockwood Crescent - The bommie Glyn Vale/Kenmare/Cloverdown The Novers/Novers Common

Schools visit the SlopesWe hope by looking at our website and visiting the Slopes you will get some idea of why we think the Slopes are:

A Nature Reserve for a health and well-being of people and wildlife

Can you help?

If you would like to help the Slopes we would welcome offers of help or donations, our contact details are on the Contact page click here

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